Each of our ships carries the saboteur.

Let me tell you about the time I almost died . . .

My Possible Death as an Occasion to Consider What Life Has Meant

In the end, we must rank ourselves.
“We have sworn, and not lightly.”
“To proclaim Jubilee throughout the land, my friends, is intentionally subversive of the present order. It seeks to break the bonds of fear that have held us captive:” — Sermon: “Martin Luther King and the Spirit of Jubilee”— the Rev. Canon Gregory Jacobs, Morristown, New Jersey
“And a child shall lead them.”

Update: 45 days later (Oct 1, 2019)—The Knife

  1. I had a surgeon with a vision of winning. She rejects a one size fits all approach and who shares my view that the patient drives the process. Surgeon attitude was crucial. Paired with expertise, it was decisive.
  2. I had an early warning system. This thing is easily operable but often deadly because it’s found too late. It was getting on, but Ezra.AI alerted me to the problem before it got that far. Without Ezra, I might still be chasing false leads and putting off the correct tests, while the monster grows.
  3. I had an advocate. A friend and colleague encouraged me in multiple lengthy conversations to make good decisions, flew in and stayed in the room and stood up for me when it was needed, reminding me on the ground to maintain control of my care, which averted potentially serious complications.
  4. I had a companion. My girlfriend did anything needed—before, during, and after—including feeding me ice chips in post-op when they were trying to get the pain down. I couldn’t open my eyes but, half-aware, I asked for more “pain chips” and she was there. Her involvement was seminal.
  5. I had encouragement. In the mornings I was visited by a resident surgeon who let me know, when I was worried about recovering successfully, that they weren’t going to let go of me. It was the best part of my day.
  6. I had a stellar night nurse. She believed me, when three times another nurse dismissed what I was experiencing as “impossible”. All three times I was right, and I was glad for her experience.

Update: 120 days later (Dec 16, 2019) — There Will Be Other Fights



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